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Consulting in Chemical Engineering

Dimus Plus LLC was founded in 2022 and is fully owned by Dr. Dmitry Vinograd - a chemical engineer with diverse experience in chemical and biotech process design and development.


The company provides consulting services on various aspects of chemical engineering including but not limited to process modeling, analysis, optimization, scale-up, control strategy, troubleshooting and safety. Our main goal is helping the Customer find smart ways of implementing their technology, advising on potential improvements and sometimes avoiding taking a wrong turn. 

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  • Process modeling and simulation
    Modeling and simulation are the pillars of successful process design: the more effort we put into model development, the more dramatic and exciting will be the process improvements. Very often the simulation provides new conceptual design ideas that surpass engineering solutions  based on practical experience and intuition. Our clients can benefit from Dr. Vinograd's 30+ years of experience in application of AspenTech simulation engineering  tools. Process model is a source of material and energy balances, operational and capital expenses calculation, sensitivity analysis and optimization.


  • Analysis and collection of data.
    A good model should be built on a solid theoretical basis, reliable technical data, physical properties and chemical kinetics. Collection of these data is a special task on its own and includes extensive data search and laboratory experimentation. Kinetics study includes developing kinetic models for traditional and polymerization reactions. A literature and patent search can be performed as necessary.


  • Process scale-up.
    The most popular area of our services is process scale-up: from glassware to kilolab, from bench-scale to pilot and all the way to commercial manufacturing. Special techniques are used for continuous (steady-state), batch (dynamic) and mixed processes.

  • Design of experiments.
    Customers can get help in planning experimental work including design and setup of experimental rigs and recommended analytical support. Advice can also include applicability and pros and cons of using Factorial DoE.


  • Engineering services
    Dimus Plus can help in reviewing P&ID, SOP, advise on process controls, safety analysis, participating in PHA and HAZOP, equipment selection and quotation, troubleshooting and incident analysis.


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Biotechnology (downstream), carotenoids, biofuels, ethanol and bioethanol, CO2 recovery and purification, acrylic acid, polymers, polyesters, polyacrylates. Bromine manufacturing and brominated compounds, flame retardants, chlorine, chlorobromomethanes, HBr, HCL, sulfuric acid, carbon black and its performance products, chromatography resins, waste incineration, solvent recovery, Lithium extraction and purification, metals recovery from batteries waste.

Unit operations

Hands-on experience in: distillation (batch, continuous, extractive. reactive, 3-phase, electrolytes), solvent extraction, adsorption, molecular sieves, chromatography, chemical reactors, polymerization, crystallization, wet milling, spray drying, heat transfer, solids mixing, classification, centrifuging, normal and tangential filtration, percolation, tray drying, pelletization, flocculation, cell lysis.

Simulation and modeling

Development of simulation models for: distillation columns, heat exchangers, ultrafiltration, spray drying, iteration methods, optimization methods, pinch-design, factorial design of experiments.

30+ years of extensive application of Aspentech products.  Expert in Aspen+, Batch+, Ratefrac, Batchfrac, Polymers plus, Split, properties estimation and data regression. Experience in Cost estimation (Icarus), Dynamics, Custom modeler, AdSim.

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